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Editors Note: The following list originally was hosted on the University of Southampton (UK) Department of Social Work Studies web site. As it is probably THE most comprehensive listings of resources on the subject I've ever seen I am reposting it here from a 2002 archive copy as a public service. The only changes I have made to the list are to organize it in a more readable form (as it seemed somewhat confusing in its original format).


  1. General Information
  2. Transvestite Issues
  3. Transsexual Issues
  4. Intersexuality
  5. Transphobia  
  6. "Of Colour" North American Issues
  7. Asian Resources / Articles
  8. French Resources / Articles
  9. General Resources / Articles.
  10. Gender Binary / Gender Identity Disorder / Related Issues
  11. Worldwide New Items
  12. Discrimination / Abuses / Murders / Legal Issues
  13. Internet Resources
  14. Films / Videos  / The Arts
  15. Bibliographies / Abstracts / Conferences
  16. Books
  17. Acknowledgements

General Information

Transvestite Issues / Crossdressing

Transsexual Issues



"Of Color" North American Issues

  • Trans People Of Color: TPOCX is a listserv exclusively for People of Color of Transgender/Transsexual/Gender-Variant experience.
  • Flashpoint: How do White Middle-Class Crossdressers and Transsexuals relate to Transgendered People of Color? In the audience discussion, it was brought out that our diversity can paralyze us.Ethnic issues can often cloud overall transgender issues. Many White transgendered are reluctant to approach other communites, fearful of simmering resentments. - People of Color Institute Part I - In the Beginning A day of reflection and community-building for people of color at the only annual national gathering of progressive lesbian, gay, bisexual, Two Spirit, transgender, intersex people of color (LGBTSTI / POC)... Racism will be eradicated if and when white people commit themselves to its end. This participatory workshop explores the ways racism impacts all our lives and helps us move from guilt to action.
  • NGLTF Resources.
  • Whose feminism is it anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (Emi Koyama, PDF Download: Web Page from which to download file.) From the web Site:, the official web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. "In the trans and feminist communities, everyone has an opinion or two about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and its 'womyn-born-womyn' policy. But have you noticed how everybody invokes 'feminism' as the reason for their wildly varying positions? Emi takes apart the racist attitudes that are present in most sides of the controversy and urges white transsexual activists to allign themselves with women of color instead of trying to appease white women's racism."

Asian Information / Resources

French Articles & Resources

General Resources: Articles, Papers, Web Pages

Gender Binary / Gender Identity Disorder

Wordwide News Items & Web pages

Note: The following news items are old stories, though they may be of interest to activists and researchers. Links to newspapers are particularly prone to being broken so some of the following links may not work, or may cease working at a later date. If the article is accessible and important you may want to consider copying it to your computer.

Discrimination / Abuses / Murders / Legal Issues

Internet Resources:

Movies / Videos / The Arts:

Bibliographies / Abstracts / Conferences


Some of these books may be difficult to find due to being limited print runs and/or being out of print.


This list was not compiled by the author. It was developed through the collaboration of Richard Ramsay (Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary), Pierre Tremblay (independent researcher, writer, and GLBT children and youth advocate), and Dr. Chris Bagley (Department of Social Work Studies, University of Southampton).