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  8. Remember, this test will not TELL you what your gender identity is. It is designed to help you EXPLORE and understand your gender identity against "social norms" and clinical diagnostic classifications. It is NOT a substitute for seeking professional therapy.

1. When you sleep, you primarily

2. A new pill comes on the market. It alters the chemicals in your brain and changes your mood and personality. You will be completely content with who you are if you take it. It is cheap, made from natural ingredients, and has no other side effects. Would you take the treatment?

3. Measure the circumfrance of your waist and hips. Divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement.


  Which jigsaw puzzle contains the shape highlighted on the right in the picture?

5. You find housework, like cooking or cleaning to be:

6. You are:

7. You like to wear your hair:

8. You would describe your chest as:

9. You feel that Martial Arts like Karate:

10. You are mostly:

11. You find working on cars in the garage to be:

12. Measure the distance from your browline to your hairline up your forehead in centimeters:

13. Your shoulders are:

14. When you you remove hair, you remove it from

15. You are at the beach, do you go topless?

16. How often have you faked an orgasm?

17. Your body shape most closely matches which figure?

18. Have you had Rhinoplasty or have you considered it?

19. Do you have a Bi-Polar disorder?

20. One train leaves New York traveling South at 45 miles per hour. Another train leaves Baltimore traveling North at 80 miles per hour. At what time will the trains pass one another? Describe how you find this math problem:

21. Math is:

22. You get a call from someone you barely know, they don't tell you who they are:

23. You are shown photos of people you don't know, you

24. You meet someone who is actually attracted to you, but are trying to hide it.

25. You are going surfing the Internet looking for erotica, you're searching is for:

26. As a little kid in school, you found writing essays, poetry, and reports:

27. You are parking a car. You have to back into the space:

28. You are visiting a town you've been to a few times before:

29. Your vehicle (or the vehicle you would most likely own) would best be described as:

30. Visualize the following in your head. Don't draw or write anything down. Picture a dumbbell. One end is painted blue, the other is painted red. You are on the space shuttle and the dumbbell is floating in the air in front of you, with on end toward you and the other away. It is slowly rotating, with the red end dropping down and the blue end rising until it stands vertically in front of you. From this position it rotates end over end three times, what position is either end in now?

31. In your opinion, which is the worst?

32. A car is blowing it's horn down the block somewhere over and over and over

33. You go to a friends party and meet a few of his co-workers. A couple of days later he mentions some of the people who were there, you:

34. In your early school days, spelling was:

35. Can you remember tunes or songs?

36. You find carpentry or home repair work to be:

37. You hear a squeaking noise from somewhere -

38. You are telling a friend about something that happened a long time ago, in telling your story

39. You would describe your immediate family as:

40. You have a dream you are aroused and have a very large erection:

41. You have to take an aptitude test. You get one week to study up and get to choose the subject:

42. You are driving around a city you've been in before. You don't have a map, you

43. You are introduced to someone and they have a tiny grey thread on their blue suit jacket.

44. Someone shouts "Heads Up!" and tosses a ball to you unexpectedly.

45. You are in an elevator where people are talking and hear an instrumental version of some song that normally has words.

46. Who are the worst group of criminals?

47. You are watching a television and there is a commercial for tampons. You:

48. You look at someone's face,

49. You have to describe a complex shape to someone else over the phone:

50. You are in grade school. The teacher has just given you a gold star for:

51. There is a message on your answering machine. The person doesn't leave a name.

52. You are masturbating alone, which is most likely to get you in the mood?

53. You have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to death. If you HAD to choose how you would die from this list, you would choose to:

54. You are in a meeting and someone is continually clicking their pen,

55. You are playing a board game with friends or family, your playing piece is most likely to be:

56. You are watching an old film about a young couple that doesn't have any sound. How well could you guess the emotions of the characters as they interact?

57. You are making a major electronics purchase, you are most likely buying

58. Which is most like the way you would give directions to a friend,

59. If you had to do the following problem in your head: 14 x 3-17 +52

60. You are playing a Fantasy Role Playing Game, your character is most likely to be:

61. If only 60 percent of seedlings will survive, how many must be planted to obtain 660 trees? Describe how you find this math problem:

62. Which word is the worst?

63. You are going to repaint your bedroom, you buy

64. Click on the first image below, you will see another picture for a few seconds. Study it. Then mouse over the choices and indicate which is the best match:


65. Your favorite kind of monkey is:

66. You are reading an article in a magazine about breast feeding, you find the article:

67. If you had to select an animal from this list that would best represent you, it would be the:

68. Which best describes you?

69. You are in a car crash and get injured, at the hospital they say they'll have to remove your sex organs or you'll bleed to death.

70. I would describe the relation between my Gender Identity and Physical Sex as:

71. You dream you are a member of a space colony. Everyone has the same haircut and androgenous flightsuit. Everyone is referred to as "Sir" or "Mister" regardless of sex or gender.

72. Everyone has masculine and feminine traits, but deep down you consider your gender to be:

73. If you had to do math problem, you would choose:

74. Which best describes you:

75. It is more important to have:

76. Your foot is:

77. At what age did you become aware of a difference between the sexes?

78. How often do you get migraine headaches?

79. Do you feel you have a Gender Identity that is incongruous with your Physical Sex?

80. The thought of growing a beard:

81. If you were completely dressed in the clothing of the opposite sex, it would be:

82. You are bundled up in Winter clothing. A store clerk accidently addresses you by the pronoun for the opposite sex.

83. Have you ever contemplated suicide because you were uncertain about your identity?

84. Have you ever been caught, found out, punished, or discovered engaging in something usually regarded for the opposite sex?

85. You are sexually aroused, how do you feel?

86. You will never, ever, be the person you want to be. In fact, you'll become less and less like the person you want to be with each passing year.

87. How do you feel about people taking hormone supplements to alter secondary sexual characteristics (i.e., to grow breasts if male or to grow beards if female)?

88. If money was not a factor, you would choose to drive:

89. Have you ever spent an EXTENDED period of time presenting yourself as the opposite sex?

90. What describes your views on living as a man in the world?

91. You identify your sexual orientation and identity as:

92. You see someone you are attracted to, you

93. Which cartoon character are you most like?

94. You are out with your friends at a bar or restaurant. For the drink you are most likely to order:

95. You are playing a video game, it is most likely:

96. You are in a meeting with people of the same sex. Your boss announces everyone is supposed to hug the person next to them.

97. As a child, the kind of play you liked was:

98. You are talking with someone and they bring up something that happened when they were a child and start to cry:

99. You have a dream that you can change your sex whenever you want:

100. You are in a waiting room at your dentist, it's very crowded and you have to sit on a small couch next to someone of the same sex:

101. Two people you know are debating something you know a thing or two about,

102. You would most closely identify yourself as:

103. Someone else is describing you - you really DISLIKE that they said you were:

104. When you were 10 years old you would choose to:

105. You are working on a group project. It is important to you that:

106. This picture is of a three dimensional object. Which picture shows what it would look like if seen from the other side?
No Idea

107. You are about to cry during a movie,

108. You are told something you said bothered someone else

109. A stranger wants to give you a hug.

110. Someone you don't know well suddenly becomes an emotional basket case.

111. You are spending time with a married couple who are your friends. They are secretly having a fight but are trying to keep up appearances for their guest.

112. You are about to die and are writing your last Will and Testament. In regards to your burial wishes you:

113. Check your pockets,

114. The browline on your face has

115. A subordinate at work has postulated an idea that was tried before they arrived at the company. You know that the idea won't work. You would most likely tell them:

116. You are attending a friends wedding. During the ceremony the minister asks everyone to turn to the person next to them and give them a hug.

117. If someone else had to pick one of these animals to represent you, it would most likely be the:

118. The last special trip you made to the store was most likely for:

119. As a child you preferred:

120. Which word would you most likely use in conversation:

121. Your opinion concerning crossdressing is


  Which object did NOT appear in all four images?
123. This picture is of a folded piece of paper with holes punched in it. Which picture shows what the paper would look like unfolded?
No Idea

124. How do you feel about vegetarians?

125. You are out with your friends for dinner. You most likely order:

126. Which cartoon character are you most like?

127. A tool catalog arrives in your mailbox by accident, you

128. If you had to have one of these pets, it would most likely be a:

129. You would consider yourself to be:

130. You would best describe your political views as

131. A lingerie catalog arrives in your mailbox by accident, it's pretty kinky stuff for both men and women, you

132. Which best describes you?

133. Your mother would best be described as:

134. Have you altered your physical appearance to look like the opposite gender in any way?

135. Your father would best be described as:

136. You are at your job and get to delegate a project that needs to be finished by the end of the week to some other people. You would:

137. In your family, you:

138. People in your family:

139. You are at the grocery store, which are you most likely to purchase?

140. The highest heel shoes you own is

141. Your bed is currently:

142. You are going to watch something on Televison, it is most likely:

143. Which best describes you:

144. A bell rings softly elsewhere in the house.

145. You feel the worst kind of crime is:

146. The worst kind of cancer in your opinion is:

147. Which best describes how you feel:

148. If you worked on an assembly line, you"

149. Does your middle name end in a vowel?

150. Your favorite toy as a child would best be described as:

151. You are using a socket wrench to tighten a bolt, you turn the bolt:

152. If you had to do the following problem in your head: 2(15+3)+12-(15/3)

153. You feel that religeon is:

154. Click on the first image below, a picture will display for a few seconds. Study it and then mouse over each image and indicate which picture is the best match:


155. If you had to pick your favorite musical instrument from this list, it would be:

156. When you read a map,

157. Which best describes how you feel about telephones?

158. You are having a dream that you are pregnant, you find such a dream to be:

159. You find sewing, knitting, or other needlework to be:

160. You are sexually attracted to:

To improve the accuracy of your analysis, please indicate your birth sex:

Male Female Intersexed

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